Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shopping Again for The Kids

LETS GO SHOPPING!!( But not Spend Money )

Not only am I a shopaholic for myself but I mostly do the shopping for my kids. I never stepped foot into a Marshalls before the economy slipped but now that I discovered this place I HAD to share some goodies and amazing name brands that I've found there:
Now first of all..I took a friend there when she was pregnant and we pretty much found everything they had at babies r us on her registry plus more for about half the price! Here's a taste..

1. From a Super Soft Blankets that usually go for over $40 for $9.99 to this swaddle blanket that cost about $11 for $5.99

2. A Baby Gym which sells for $70 for $39.99

3. And Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy and Ralph Lauren onesies for $9.99 and under

4. For my kids I found the shoes I was drooling over: These Keds are still selling in Stride Rite and other stores for $44.00 I got them for $14.99!
These Ralph Lauren Toddler Shoes sell for $44 and where also $14.99!

5. And I couldn't leave without getting something for myself! I found these Juicy Couture Misty Boots for $99! They are still in Bloomingdales and other stores for $249!

Try and tell me Marshalls isn't cute and amazing now! (They also have amazing home stuff too like bedding, kitchen stuff and Yankee Candles for as low as $6.99!
I have no affiliation with them but just a newfound love for them and the money they save me while allowing me to keep my expensive taste. The key is to find a Good Marshalls with the most selection and go there frequently!
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