Saturday, April 10, 2010


If you need any baby gear or toys this week there are some great discounts!

Click the link below to print out your local stores coupons!

Babies R Us Coupons

Monday, March 22, 2010

Swimming with Babies and Toddlers Checklist

It feels like when you want to have a fun day at the pool or beach you have to pack your whole house with you! Here is a checklist for what to bring, and how to get them for less $$

1. Bathing Suits for everyone.

For moms the Monokini is the hottest thing. You don't have to feel frumpy in a one piece and don't have to show it all in a bikini!

 For girls we found this one for $10! at Old Navy

And for Boys at Old Navy again only $10!

2. Hooded Towels or Cover ups

 These are both from Target for $22.50!

3. Swim Toys for safety

4. Swim Diapers so your little ones don't get the saggy butt look.

Obviously sun block, food and changes of clothes are also essential.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Juicy Couture, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap and Loehmanns Coupons!!

 Lets Save Some Dollars!!!!

Whether it's for you or baby here are BIG discounts for this week at some of our favorite stores!!! Lets Shop!!

  For Juicy online purchases at the promo code is "friends" (in case you can't read the small print) It's good on sale items for women and at Juicy online or any Juicy Retail Store! yay!

4 days only, 
March 18-21
In-store Barcode
(For multiple uses)

This offer is also good at Gap Outlet and
Banana Republic Factory Store!
The online Promo Code for 30% off at Gap/Old Navy/ Banana is

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An AMAZING Solution for Diaper Rash!

Nothing is worse than when your baby's bottom resembles a pair of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers!

I've tried every kind of cream even prescription creams that are out there but nothing has compared to the fast results I got on my poor little ones rash than Domeboro powder!
You just mix one packet with warm water and apply it with soaked gauze for 5 minutes twice a day. I don't know why more people don't know about it!
One packet can last about a week if you store it in an airtight container. You just shake it up, warm it and apply!

Try it it's over the counter and amazing!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things my Wondering Eyes Have Seen but Wish I Hadn't

I try really hard not to judge other moms. I think moms and women in general judge each other way too much. But the little devil on my left shoulder sometimes doesn't let me hold back.
Things that have made me think "WTF?" that other moms have done:

1. Tasted the babies formula (I'm sorry but that's just gross! It is good for the baby and I guess they like it but there are reasons you don't feed it to them after 12 months. They probably realize it's gross by then!)

2. Eating some of your babies Baby Food. (Again eeew! I know it's just pureed something or other but moms you have teeth! This is why you stopped eating baby food in the first place. And maybe it's just me but I don't like my meat already chewed up for me.)

3. Let a toddler pee on the grass by a tree at the park. (Parks have bathrooms btw. It's no wonder men grow up and think they can take a leak anywhere! I know when your child is potty trained it's not convenient to make the millions of potty trips as needed but they aren't dogs they are little people.)

4. Let a child throw sand. (Some parents act like they didn't see anything happen, others are just texting their friends. If you child throws sand at my child's face you better watch out! I know all kids do this but if it's purposely thrown at another child's face I have no problem going up to the little devil child that did it and disciplining them myself)

5. Using a leash. (These seem like they were popular in the 80's I rarely see them now. I admit I thought about buying one once but I figured my toddler would act worse if she had one on even though they try to disguise them as cute little backpacks now so you can trick the child into wearing it. I saw a mom at the mall with two kids. One in a stroller and one on a leash. Her mother was with her so she had help. She was in four inch heels with her hair and makeup looking beautiful while she dragged and tugged her poor toddler on a leash! She acted like it was her dog and I even think most people wouldn't treat their dog like that.)

That's all that I've got for now. I've picked up blinging swarovski crystals on tops, shoes, and juicy sweats. It's a really great hobby. I promise to keep blogging regularly now that the holidays are over!

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