Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Blogging: The Best Nightlights

So I've noticed that the typical nightlight that you plug into the outlet is just not enough, plus they can be dangerous because if baby can reach them they want to play with them. So here are my favorites that light up my sleepless nights :)

This one comes as a turtle, sea turtle or ladybug that shows three different colors of stars and turns off after 30 minutes by itself. It lights up the room with stars all over the ceiling!

I use this one as a nightlight also. The waterfall makes the room glow and it turns off after 15 minutes by itself.

This one is the best! It has Three soothing natural sounds to choose from: heartbeat, rainforest or ocean
Play one of the three tender lullabies: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock-A-Bye Baby and Brahms Cradle Song, The image projector gently rotates one of three interchangeable image disks that show either stars and moons, birds or fish, it also has 15, 30 or 45 minute auto-off timer

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Best Development Toys Ever!

Now that I've wasted money on mobiles that last for two minutes and other useless (but cute) toys here are some that are so worth it.

Product Features

* A glowing blue waterfall with mesmerizing motion leads down to a pool of real bubbling water
* Colorful lights slowly turn on and off while two rainforest friends, a swinging monkey and a frog playing peek-a-boo, move about in the leaves
* Mom can choose between classical music, lullabies, or rainforest sounds for her baby, and choose between 3 modes of activation
* Both mom and baby are able to activate the soother by pressing the cute toucan button on the front of the unit
* Volume is adjustable between high, medium, and low

This is the best Mobile Ever! With a Remote Control!

Product Features

* Made of a lightweight cotton-weave
* Projects soft moons and stars directly above your baby
* Canopy moves in one direction, the light projection ball in the other
* Mobile plays 4 soothing music selections
* Hi-low volume control allows you to adjust the volume to your desired setting

This also comes in Dora theme, a Train, Mickey Mouse and many more

Product Features

# Includes realistic engine, horn and horse sounds
# Princess figures pop-up and rotate to the music
# Mirror that lights up, castle that glows

# Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 12-18 Months
# Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With Soap and Water

Product Features
* Learn & Groove with 15 activities and over 40 songs and melodies!
* Activities provide opportunities for baby to explore with a roll, tap, slide or spin.
* Includes a variety of music styles for baby to enjoy.
* Features legs to attach to table as baby grows.
* Introduces shapes, numbers and counting 1-10 in English and Spanish.

Product Features

*This Fisher-Price kitchen has all the ingredients-with plenty of learning on the menu!
* The magic starts when baby crawls through the doorway, triggering music, sing-along songs, dancing lights and fun sounds. Both sides of the toy kitchen are loaded with activities and playful discoveries for a full course of learning!
* Learning time!: Learn the alphabet with music & crawl-through fun. Drop balls in kitchen sink for counting. Spin numbers on stove front. Sort shapes & discover colors.
* Music time!: Sing along with 21 delightful songs, including classic favorites & fresh originals. Enjoy songs, greetings & fun phrases on radio stations. 25+ sounds & encouraging phrases with activities!
* Imagination!: Discover the joy of role play in the familiar comfort of a kitchen, with lots of idea-starting activities & realistic sound effects!

Product Features
* Features three ways to play: Alphabet, Dance-Along and Music Play learning modes.
* Letters of the alphabet light up when baby taps.
* Music Play allows baby to explore creativity and develop gross motor skills with tapping, crawling and moving to the music.
* Introduces the alphabet in English and Spanish.

Product Features

* Shake and move to a learning groove!
* Maracas provide lights, sounds and learning activities.
* Features three ways to play: Counting, Colors and Music Play learning modes.
* Music Play allows baby to explore creativity and open-ended play.
* Introduces colors, vocabulary and counting 1-10 in English and Spanish.

Product Features

* Discover the alphabet from Alligator to Zebra!
* Features three ways to play: Letter, Animal and Music learning modes.
* Explore learning with each spin of the wheel.
* Playful musical responses reward each touch.
* Introduces letters A-Z and animal names and sounds.

Product Features

* Excellent for teaching language skills
* Convenient bag for storage and portability
* Multiple play possibilities
* Big, child friendly pieces
* For children 1 and up

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Toddler and Baby Shoes that are sooo cute for a great price!

There is no need to spend over $60 on shoes your child will outgrow in months and may not even walk in! There are so many cute ones out there right now for great prices I had to list some!

These are from Target by Converse for $19.99 for Toddlers

Also from Target for infant boys $8.99

From Payless for Toddlers on sale for $14.99

Also from Payless for Toddlers

Payless Toddler $12.99

Childrens Place for Infants $10.50

Childrens Place Infants $12.50

Childrens Place Toddler $18.50

Childrens Place Toddler $12.50

Dressing a Toddler


My 2 year old daughter has gotten to the point of picking out her own clothes. Even if it's pajamas (usually with a princess on it) she won't give in. I now hide certain outfits from her if they don't fit with the weather outside. She's just like mommy I guess. I picked my clothes out at 2 and was determined to wear what I wanted..and nothings changed.
If she doesn't think a jacket goes with what she's wearing she refuses. She's even slept in her princess dress up clothes because she wouldn't take them off!
It's funny but also frustrating. The only time she throws a tantrum is when she is wearing something she doesn't like.
I know you have to pick your battles plus she actually has pretty good taste!
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