Monday, March 22, 2010

Swimming with Babies and Toddlers Checklist

It feels like when you want to have a fun day at the pool or beach you have to pack your whole house with you! Here is a checklist for what to bring, and how to get them for less $$

1. Bathing Suits for everyone.

For moms the Monokini is the hottest thing. You don't have to feel frumpy in a one piece and don't have to show it all in a bikini!

 For girls we found this one for $10! at Old Navy

And for Boys at Old Navy again only $10!

2. Hooded Towels or Cover ups

 These are both from Target for $22.50!

3. Swim Toys for safety

4. Swim Diapers so your little ones don't get the saggy butt look.

Obviously sun block, food and changes of clothes are also essential.


  1. Reading about these products meant to keep kids safe and happy at water parks, we at PLAYTIME thought that we should mention our safe and healthy addition to water parks, malls, churches, etc.

    May 25, 2010 | Playtime Play Elements Certified Antibacterial and Fungal Resistant

    “The glossy PLAYTIME urethanes on our products make them naturally antibacterial,” says Mike Evans, President and CEO of PLAYTIME. “This is great news for centers that offer a healthy, clean play environment for families.”



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