Thursday, December 3, 2009

Toddler and Baby Shoes that are sooo cute for a great price!

There is no need to spend over $60 on shoes your child will outgrow in months and may not even walk in! There are so many cute ones out there right now for great prices I had to list some!

These are from Target by Converse for $19.99 for Toddlers

Also from Target for infant boys $8.99

From Payless for Toddlers on sale for $14.99

Also from Payless for Toddlers

Payless Toddler $12.99

Childrens Place for Infants $10.50

Childrens Place Infants $12.50

Childrens Place Toddler $18.50

Childrens Place Toddler $12.50

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