Friday, October 16, 2009

Before Baby there was you

Remember when..........

- You saw a toddler having a tantrum in public and thought "that will never be me"

- You saw a baby crawling in a public place and thought "I would never let my baby do that!"

- You saw a babys pacifier fall to the floor and mommy picked it up, wiped it off and gave it back and thought "eew"

- You saw a mom changing her baby in her car in a parking lot and thought "why isn't she using a changing table?!"

- You went to a public restroom to change your baby and realized not all bathrooms have changing tables

- You went to the mall the first time with baby and realized you now need to locate all elevators everywhere you go

- Poop was not something you counted or took notice to

- Getting dressed did not include the requirement of "will spit up blend into this?"

- You gave your first evil look to your phone when it dared to ring at naptime

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