Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shopping With Kids or Babies is Very Hard So Are Some Stores With Great Return Policies

Shopping With Kids or Babies is Hard So Are Some Stores With Great Return Policies:

Every time I shop with either one of my children something can go wrong. (Someone has a tantrum, or is tired or hungry) Then I have to grab what I can and get out of the store ASAP!
So I am making this list in case you bought something out of impulse, desperation or is went on sale or you changed your mind. It's hard enough to make decisions as women but with unpredictable babies/toddlers in tow it can seem impossible.

Target: I love Target! Their Up and Up store brand is super cheap and great quality but besides that they will take back anything without a receipt or tag because they track your purchases through the card you used. Paid with cash? No problem they will use your ID and give you a credit and you can do this 2 times every 12 months, you can use other people's ID's too ;). It also doesn't matter how long ago you purchased the item.

Victorias Secret: Since I live in their PINK Collection I go there and shop online A lot! The online store and catalog has a No Sale is Final return policy. That means if you bought it two years ago you can still mail it back and return it! Yay!
The in store policy is 90 days and they will do Price adjustments within 14 days if something just went on sale. It's good to hold onto those receipts and tags since they are extra lenient if you have them.

Nordstrom: Everyone has heard the story (which I don't know if it's true) of the lady that returned a car tire to Nordstrom claiming she bought it there. It's not really like that but you don't need a receipt you just keep the tags and even if it's been three years you can get cash back. With no tags a store credit. I heart them!

Bed Bath and Beyond: They also have no time period, no receipt required and you can get a credit. I once returned a three year old broken lamp and got the full credit for it!

Costco: They track everyone's purchases so no receipt required and you can return almost anything whenever you want to. I know someone who has been getting new patio furniture this way for years!

Kohls: No time limit again. With a receipt full refund without a credit!

Macy's: 180 day return policy just keep the sticker they give you and get a refund.

Start keeping a receipt/sticker/tag box if you shop at any of these stores and keep your merchandise in decent condition. It doesn't have to be brand new and unworn to return it.

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