Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Does your baby ever poop and just the wrong Time/place?

It seems like no matter how much I plan ahead of time. Both my kids poop just as the wrong time and place.

Like when everyones buckled up and ready to go

Or I'm at a friends house (and they don't have kids) and we stink up their house. Some people are very uptight about this, plus it's like now where can I change them without getting looks. They want to send me down the the dungeon somewhere.

Or out somewhere where there are no changing tables (there should be a law about public restrooms and changing tables!)and I have to get creative (use a bench, the car, the stroller, my lap or anywhere I can balance their little bodies). It just draws a lot of attention when it's poop and people start making faces.

Am I oversensitive or does anyone else ever feel this way? We gotta do what we gotta do as moms you know?!


  1. It's awkward when there are no changing tables in a public place, and really annoying. Even if it's just pee I feel like people are watching me and judging, like "How dare that child go to the bathroom!" Maybe it's just me. Oh well.-Brittnie

  2. My son isn't out of diapers yet 'cause he's not getting the potty thing through his skull. So he's always going in his pants at the wrong time and place. And it sucks 'cause he's too big for changing tables so when I have to change him and people come into the room I get all kinds of dirty looks. But what can I do about it, ya know?

  3. I totally feel your frustration (obviously) I have one I would like to potty train but I'm afraid of public incidents and one who poops all the time in public and I keep forgetting her change of clothes. So not only do I get poop attention but I have a baby only in a diaper!
    I'm glad I'm not alone :)


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