Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Want to Get your kids out of the House?

When the weather is too hot or cold it's hard to figure out what to do to entertain your baby or toddler. Since you can't go to the park there are other solutions. Here are some ideas, some are local for me but if you Google "indoor play gym"  or "children's museum" and enter your city to find one.

Chuck E Cheese: These are all over the country and most have a toddler play area. There is no fee to get in and I love how they stamp your childs hand to match the stamp on your hand. The security is great. You can print coupons if you want pizza on their website Chuck E Cheese and the rides are only $0.25 each plus some of the coupons come with tokens.

Childrens Museums: This is also something that can be searched for any area. In Los Angeles there is Kidspace which is good for 2 years and up it's $10 for each adult and each child, under 12 months is free.
Also in Los Angeles is Zimmer's Childrens Museum Adults: $8.00 Children 3-12: $5.00
Children 2 and under: FREE
Grandparents: FREE when accompanied by a grandchild (how cute! and you could use the help too huh?!)

Indoor Play Gyms: So these are all in the San Fernando Valley but they all operate the same way pretty much. Some are chains or franchises so you can search the name in your area. They charge between $7.50-$9 for kids under 6 months or 12 months (depending where you go) Adults are always free. Most have a sibling discount and most offer playpasses so you can go for a certain number of visits at a discounted rate. Plus they have every toy under the sun including moonbouncers and you can play as many hours as you want to. They also have eating areas for lunch or snack time and most offer food delivery. You can spend all day there if you want to.

The Playroom This one is better for crawlers and early walkers. It's $9 per child and siblings under 9 months are free.

Jumping Genius This one is HUGE and has a separate baby play area so they don't get trampled by older kids. Its $9 per child over 6 months of age.

Playsource  This place is also huge and really nice. It's $9 for the 1st child and you get a discount for each sibling so the 2nd child is $7, the 3rd $5 and the 4th $3 and babies under 9 months are free

Gummy the Bear This one is brand new and really nice. They are also the least expensive its only $7.50 per child and each sibling after that gets 50% off admission plus they don't charge for babies under 12 months.

Under the Sea Its $9.00 per child and siblings under 9 months are free. They have 6 locations in southern california.

Mall Playgrounds: They are free for all ages

The Library: Also free and many have toddler storytime and free classes

YMCA: There are many activities and classes at any local YMCA just look up what yours offers

I hope this helps since the weather is getting cold now :) (Although if I had my own diamond staircase maybe I would be home all the time!)

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