Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Blogging: Going to the Mall With a Toddler and/or Baby

With a passion for finding deals and shopping I never thought I would dread going to the mall. After many unsuccessful trips with my toddler and baby, attempting to stop at all the stores I needed to go I decided this calls for a strategy.

Here are 5 Tips:

First off make sure it's NOT naptime and bring FOOD! Lot's of it.

Second, Bring a Stroller! Just in case the toddler is the wandering type and/or you don't feel like running.

Third, Park far away from any play areas, carousels, choo choo trains and such. If you don't you will be stuck there and there will definitely be a tantrum when you want to get your errands done.

Fourth, Strategically plan the order of the stores you will go to. For example you know your child will never want to leave the Disney Store so go there last. Get the boring for toddler stores done first. And they need to still be away from the play areas.

Fifth, Know what you need to buy. Sometimes shopping ahead online helps so you already know the price and what you want.

So that's my 2 cents if you want them. I wonder if other moms plan this way too.

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