Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Blogging: If you have a Pack n Play You Should Read This!


Do you Travel with your Pack n Play?

This is the Summer Infant Playard Essentials Kit. It's great for anyone with a Pack n Play! It comes with:

*A Pad to make baby more comfy that's 1 inch thick
*A waterproof sheet so the pad stays dry
*Two fitted sheets to cover the padding

It's great if you want to travel and want baby to feel like they are in their crib because the Pack n Play can be uncomfortable for many babies. If you take off the raised part of the Pack n Play and use it at the bottom of the playpen it can be used until baby is 1 year old!
So now you can visit family and friends for the holidays with no sleeping issues!

It sells at Babies R Us or Toys R Us for $49.99 Toys R Us Link

I bought this for my nephew but I also added this Carter's Playard Plush Sheet for extra coziness.

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