Saturday, September 12, 2009

Advice and comments you never asked for..

Advice and comments you never asked for..

Why do people do these things??

1. Someone you don't know comes up and rubs your pregnant belly

2. Everyone swears they know the gender of your unborn baby by the shape of your belly

3. Someone asks you if you're having twins when you're not. (thanks for the confidence booster)

4. Everyone wants to tell you all the horrendous labor stories they know

Then when baby is born......

5. No matter the time of year your baby is born there will be someone (probably much older than you) insisting your baby is cold or needs socks. If you listen to them every time you will probably be spending a lot of unneeded dollars on more socks because they always get lost anyway

6. Again someone you don't know comes up to your newborn and touches them. (Every time this happened to me they touched their hands which are always in their mouths. Thanks for the possible infection!)

7. When your newborn cries somebody insists they are hungry. If you are nursing you start to think you are starving your baby. Thanks again do gooders!

8. When you start meeting other moms they compare timelines with you. Bragging about how their baby crawled at 4 months and walked at 9 months leaving you wondering if you are doing something wrong. I've never met an adult that walked so impressively that I KNEW he must have been an early walker. It's nothing to brag about, get over yourself.

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