Friday, September 4, 2009

Where to find your kids favorite Disney Characters for less

Where to find your kids favorite Disney Characters for less!

At 2 years old my daughter decided it was time to pick her own outfits. Since her other girlfriends had princess clothes she wanted them too. I started off by putting princess stickers on clothes she already had but she caught on. So I went on my quest to find everything princess for the cheapest I could find. (she comes home from school with paint and who knows what all over her clothes so I wasn't going to pay full price.)

1. Walmart for clothes, underwear, swimwear, shoes, towels, backpacks, blankets. I found full outfits (a top and skirt) for $7 and pjs for $9-$12

2. The $0.99 Store for pens, stickers, art supplies, plastic cups and plates and more

3. also has a selection for great prices. These are some I have found:

4. The Disney Stores have a lot of sale merchandise and their website is even better They always have a t-shirt table with all the characters available for $5.99-$7.99 each. The quality is very good. The sale stuff is always great too.

5. Payless Shoes has great prices and all the characters you need for shoes. I found shoes there from $5.00-$17.99 with Dora, Disney Characters and they have a great selection for toddlers

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