Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Help I have a Toddler!! Tricks for Survival...

When your baby was born they relied completely on you. Once the toddler months start coming around your little bundle suddenly starts having all kinds of opinions (which the answer to every question is "NO!" AND wants to do everything by them self. So fine you want to do it yourself? Go for it!

I know not everything works for everyone and all children are different. But the number one thing with toddlers is Distraction. These are things I do or products I brings in order to avoid meltdowns on both of our ends. :)

1. Food! Always have food with you wherever you go. Maybe even a lollypop or fruit roll up candy just in case of emergency or a Doctors appointment (now that they have caught on to the fact that this place isn't so fun). And make sure they can hold it themselves so they feel in control. In the early toddler stages a SnackTrap was my saving grace. She could hold her own food and not spill it all over the floor. They cost $4.99 each and you can find them at Toys r us and Target has them by the Munchkin brand.

2. Try to go to child friendly places. If you do you won't have to constantly be shushing and saying "don't touch that!". They can just act their age and everyone's happy.

3. Time your outings by your toddlers schedule. I know this is not always possible. And I've definitely been out at the wrong time out of necessity. But if any toddler is tired or hungry just expect a meltdown. You can bring comfort items with you to ease the frustration like a blankie or teddy bear but it's waay easier to just go out before or after meal and naptime.

4. Change your expectations: I finally decided that no matter what a feed my toddler she was going to throw it on the floor. Once I just expected it and didn't care anymore. I also expect all of her hair clips to get lost at school, for her to throw her pacifier on the ground when she sees something exciting, and for her to say no to every outfit I pick out for her. If you really look at the situation, they just enjoy that now they can have some control over things. We just have to set the limits. (and by the way each annoyance is just a phase and they move on to doing other things to test you eventually)

hey and if all else fails buy them a balloon. They love those things...

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