Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don’t lie you know some of these have happened to you (or at least a couple)

Just admit it we aren't perfect! I'm not June Cleaver and don't walk around with a smile on my face while I lovingly clean up spit up and poop, while dinner is on the stove of my spotless house.

Ya right...I have two kids under 2 and if I see a shortcut I take it. We have all done something we wouldn’t tell our significant other or mother in law from time to time. Now don’t judge me I haven’t done all of these. Many are things my spying eyes have caught or confessions from others who didn’t think I’d post what they did. Now I’m only posting non serious things here..unfortunately I have also witnessed what could be classified as neglect but lets keep it light here:

1.       1. Oops the pacifier fell on the ground, I’ll just wipe it clean on my shirt baby will be fine                       

      2. Shoot! don’t want to mess up the manicure( that I finally got after three months of waiting), maybe baby will have to wait a few for that diaper change

     3. Baby needs a new diaper. Can’t reach the wipes. Oh well it’s just pee

     4. Feeding time! What?!! Why is all the food on the floor!! Well baby will just have to eat it anyway. This isn't a cafeteria.

5  5. Of course baby is hungry while I’m cleaning the house or finally getting ready to go somewhere. I’ll just prop up the bottle with a blanket                      

     6. Baby got really dirty while (you choose one) playing, spitting up, drooling, eating...good thing I have an extra change of clothes in my diaper bag. Oh..Darn it! too bad I forgot that its been in there for months and doesn't fit anymore

     7. Wiped baby’s drool with their own top when a burp cloth or bib was nowhere to be found.

8.   8. Baby pooped (they always wait for the perfect time huh?). I'm nowhere near a bathroom or all the ones nearby are gross with no changing tables. I'll change baby in the car. 
9. Oh you have advice I didn't ask for? Ok great, why don't you go take a number and have a seat. I'll call you when I want it.

W   Whats gone wrong for anyone else? I would love to hear it so we can laugh at it now that it's over!

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