Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Poop

Yes it's true my daughter pooped in the bathtub. As a matter of fact BOTH of my daughters have done this and both have done it more than once! Vomit
Of course they were not teenagers or anything (still under 12 months old) But Geez!! Nothing in life prepares you for these things! I used to be scared to touch anything even remotely gross..well now I'm sure you all know the story.

Oh should have heard me the first time. I was like "OH GOD, THIS DID NOT JUST HAPPEN TO ME!!!"

I was like not knowing what to do first! Get gloves, get baby out (but wait she's got poop on her), wash all the toys before she puts them in her mouth...seriously too much to handle..

You know after becoming a mom you never look at poop the same way as you used to. As a newborn it's an accomplishment (like yay I have milk baby is eating!), later you count them to make sure they do it everyday, then you get worried if they do it too much. Now I worry also during bathtime....

What unexpected things have happened to you since motherhood where you thought "I can't Believe I'm doing this right now"!?

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