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Diaper Review

Diaper Review

I'm comparing these from prices on which usually has the cheapest diapers and they have free shipping. The store brands are being priced from each stores website. I am using size 3 to make an accurate comparison but if you do the math on any size the price per diaper will be the same.

Luvs $35.99 for 204 diapers which is $0.17 per diaper. These are great diapers. They are soft they don't leak and the price is amazing. If you register at they will mail you coupons for $1 off

Pampers Baby Dry $44.99 for 204 diapers which is $0.22 per diaper. I think these are meant to wear overnight but if you do that with an older baby they tend to leak. They are great for during the day.

Pampers Cruisers $40.99 for 160 diapers which is money down the toilet (literally) I mean $0.25 per diaper. I have used these many times when I thought expensive meant better but they are good diapers but Pampers Baby Dry absorb more and they just convince new moms that if your child crawls or walks they need special diapers not to mention the wipes that they unnecessarily make to go with these. You can register for coupons but they don't send very many

Huggies Snug and Dry t $39.99 for 168 diapers which is $0.24 per diaper. I'm personally just not a fan of huggies for daytime. They seem cheep and they are stiff and look full all the time which causes you to use too many when unnecessarily changing your baby a million times. They also like to try and convince you that other diaper companies make diapers shaped for bricks. So whatever...I'm also not a fan of their wipes they sort of feel like wet paper towels. A little ruff for a soft little tush. However on there website you can also register for coupons.

Target Store Brand Up and Up $13.99 for 96 diapers which is $0.14 per diaper! They also offer discount if you buy online and they have store coupons they mail out. They are an amazing value and if you like huggies you will love these. They are a little stiff for me but I've used them to save money in the beginning when you go through 100 diapers a week with a new baby.

On a side note I want to do an honorable mention for Huggies Overnites $29.99 for 62 diapers which is $0.48 per diaper. I know this sounds ridiculous but if you have a problem with overnight leaks or your baby takes bottles or nurses frequently in the middle of the night these WILL NOT LEAK! They have never gotten full or even damp on the outside. You only need one per day so 31 diapers will last one month. You can also use the Huggies coupons with these.

Toys r Us Brand Especially for Baby Ultra Thin $19.99 for 144 diapers which is $0.14 per diaper! I love these! They also have in store coupons so you can get up to $7.00 off if you buy their wipes too which are great! They also have a rewards program too. They are not thin they just call it that because they have a thicker night time one that costs a little more. They are soft and run a little big and don't leak.

Toys r Us Brand Especially for Baby Super Diapers $19.99 for 116 diapers which is $0.17 per diaper. I guess if you have a problem with leaks or when baby sleeps these would be good. And you can still get the in store coupons.

Kirkland Brand at Costco $39.97 for 208 diapers which is $0.19 per diaper. Not as much as I thought I would save by paying Costco $40 a year for my membership. Just because its there doesn't mean its a deal. Plus for the smaller size diapers, your baby may grow out of them before the box is empty. The price it's linked to here is but here is the link for costco as well

I also want to mention poor little Parents Choice at Walmart. I usually love everything by their store brand but the diapers were just so sad. They don't have a size listed anywhere on them so you can't tell a size 2 from a size 3 and they rip and leak very easily. I got 36 diapers for $5.97 so thats $0.16 per diaper. Thats all I'm going to say about this one.

The point is we are spending money on something that will be thrown in the trash within hours of using it. If your child has sensitive skin most of these diapers also come unscented. Just something to think about.


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