Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Blogging: Do other people's kids bug you??

Let’s be real here. We all like our own kids more than anyone else’s. But let’s not kid ourselves, just because you love your own kids and are positive they are the best thing that could be put on this Earth and are the smartest most talented kids you know, lol. Doesn’t mean you like ALL kids. Even a teacher doesn’t like ALL kids. And you don’t have to it’s fine.

Do you like ALL people? I know I don’t! So kids are just little people, some you like and some you can’t stand. The difference is with kids you can go tell their mommy if they do something you don’t like. (It probably won’t do any good though because their parents are the reason they behave the way they do) Any children's place I go (the park, indoor playgyms) there are always parents not watching their kids! I can't stand it because those are usually the kids that are throwing sand, or toys or pushing and acting crazy!

Why do parents use child friendly places as babysitters so they can read a magazine or text their friends? Has anyone else experienced this?


  1. Hey! Why don't we link...I love your bio over there on the side. Very funny. I am actually looking for bloggers to "guest Blog" and cross promote. Yes?

  2. That sounds good. I know! I like your blog too. I started following it. How do we link?

  3. I linked to your latest post. Let me know if that's the kind of description you like. What kind of Guest Blogging are you looking for?


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