Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Stuff

Here are some ways I have found out how to get some free stuff. They may not all work for everyone but it feels so good leaving a store knowing you didn't have to open your wallet:

1. MAC Lipstick: MAC has a recycle program where if you give any MAC counter six empty containers from products you used up they wil give you any color lipstick you want for free! That's worth $14

2. Baby Formula: When you register at and they will send you free samples as well as coupons for up to $5 off and if you use them they send more. Another thing you can do is ask your Pediatrician for samples. They almost always have small cans of formula of different kinds in the office. All you have to do is ask.

3. WIC: Womens Infant and Childrens Program. Not everyone can qualify for this but it's really easy to do. You can apply while pregnant or as long as you have children under 5 years old. Depending on your situation they will give you free formula, milk, produce, cereal, baby cereal, peanut butter, beans, juice and more. They also help with Free Lactation Consulting and offer Free Breast Pumps for use.

4. Sephora: They have this free membership rewards card thing and during the month of your birthday you get a free gift! Last year I got a mascara and face cream and this year I got three lipglosses! Plus you earn points if you shop to get more free products!

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