Thursday, September 3, 2009

Diapers* Why New Moms Can't Be Anywhere On Time

Why new moms can’t be anywhere on time

1. We forget something essential for leaving the house with baby (such as the bottle, pacifier, formula, diapers..) and have to go back and get it
2. Everything is packed and ready to go, baby looks look again and baby just pooped or spit up all over the place
3. Same situation as above except baby poops or spits up all over you
4. We aren't sure which clothes will fit us post baby so we need to change 5 times (add 5 more times if your breastfeeding and have to incorporate a nursing bra into the outfit)
5. Baby didn’t nap when expected (or hoped for) and now we are totally off schedule..guess we have to miss our 10th baby gym class. Why do I pay for that again?
6. Baby is teething and now I’m late out of fear. Fear that baby will cry while we’re out and all the other moms will give me dirty looks

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