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Baby Products to get you through the beginning smoothly!! And Baby products to KEEP OFF your registry!

Baby Products I Love!

1. Swaddle Blanket. These are so simple and you never will get frustrated trying to replicate the swaddle techniques the hospital nurses do.Kiddopotamus makes a cute little pocket to put baby in and then the sides velcro to make a swaddle. They range from $10.99-$15.99 Depending on the fabric.

2. Pack and Play. These are the best for traveling and using as a bassinet in the beginning then becoming a playpen. You mother in law doesn’t need her own crib with this! Many companies make them but here is a Graco one I've used personally. They range from $149.99 to maybe $199.99

3. Bouncer. These are so entertaining for most babies. You shouldn’t use them for extended periods of time but its great if you want to put baby somewhere fun and close to you while you take a shower or put on makeup. (Yes with two little ones I manage to do this everyday and because of this they are now used to my routine) Yay for mom doing something for herself! You can also take the toys off and feed baby there as just a chair. These average around $54.99

4. Boppy. I actually didn’t think it supported baby to well for breastfeeding and my back was hurting but it has many other uses. You can use it for feeding baby propped up, tummy time, helping baby learn to sit.They cost $29.99 for the pillow and starting at $9.99 for the slipcover design you choose

I used My Brest Friend for breastfeeding and believe it’s the best breastfeeding pillow out there. It supports your back and baby so you can just relax. And it has a pocket for your cell phone or whatever you want to use it for and start at $44.99

5. Medela Breast Shells: if you are breastfeeding these are amazing. You won’t be in pain       because nothing will ever touch your sore spots. Plus you can’t see them under your bra. They do make your breasts look a cup size bigger though so that could be a downside when your breasts are huge with milk anyway. But it’s not like you will be going out on the town while your baby is days old anyhow. Just think of it as a Pam Anderson moment. They cost about $13.50

6. Ameda ComfortGel Pads: These feel amazing when you are in pain from breastfeeding. You can alternate with the shells, then these and they last for weeks. Just stick them in the refrigerator and when you are ready for them they will make breastfeeding easy! They also stop embarrassing leaks. You get four for $27.95

7. Pampers Newborn Swaddlers with the wetness indicator feature. I am not a fan of expensive diapers but these (and Huggies does this too) have a yellow line in the front that changed to blue when baby is wet. It can be very helpful when you are a first time parent and aren’t sure. After you get the hang of it and they move up to size 2 I suggest using cheaper diapers. $0.34 per diaper for Pampers and $0.30 per diaper for Huggies

8. Kiddopotomus Snuzzler This is also the only head support product worth having. it supports the whole body of your newborn and their head won't wobble. And it's so soft and reversible!

All of these and more tested products for baby and mom can be found at Diamonds and Dirty Diapers Amazon List

Useless Baby Products

This is just because there are too many unnecessary things sold out there that are targeted to the first time mom who doesn’t want to forget to get anything essential. These things are usually overpriced and/or not essential.

1. Dreft Laundry Detergent. I know a baby’s skin is sensitive but they are still human and they can use laundry detergent that costs less. All Free and Clear and Tide make perfume less dye less detergents for less $$. Plus Dreft doesn’t even smell that good.

2. Bottled Water called Nursery Water that they sell at Babies r us. As if your baby needs special water only made for babies. Are you kidding me? Any filtered water is fine.

3. Bassinets. They can be used until baby rolls over and you need a crib or Pack N Play anyway. They are also too bulky to store in a closet and can cost way over $100. I would say this could be used for a maximum of 3 months depending on the size of your baby. There are a lot of products that may only last 3-5 months but they are not so costly.

4. Steam Sterilizers. You can sterilize just about everything in boiling water for five minutes and then you can wash by hand or put in the dishwasher.

5. Bottle Warmers. All I have to say is WHY? What will you do when your baby is used to warmed formula or breastmilk and you are out and about? Too much hassle when most babies are fine with room temperature formula and fresh breastmilk. Many even don’t mind it cold out of the fridge. To me it just means less $ spent and less time baby cries because you don’t have to sit and wait for the warmer to work AND make the bottle.

6. Bottle Drying Racks. I never had one of these because I used the Playtex Drop Ins and only had to wash the nipples. But all my friends that used them told me they just collects dust and the bottles don’t dry completely making you have to clean them again AND wash the drying rack. (As if you needed more things to clean)
That’s what I’ve got for now. Feedback on what you think is a Baby Unessential will be posted as well.
All of the recommended products and more tested products for baby and mom can be found at Diamonds and Dirty Diapers Amazon List

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