Friday, September 4, 2009

Why I HEART the $0.99 Store!

Why I HEART the $0.99 Store!

(by the way before kids you would never catch me there, but now I’m all about saving so there is still $$ left over for one cute outfit or a pedicure)

These are products they sell there that I love and the quality is great. Some of the stuff is seasonal but it should be there when you need it!

1. Floaties for kids/toddlers arms for swimming $0.99 a pair (they have Disney and other characters as well)

2. Intertubes and rafts for the pool each for $0.99

3. Earths Best baby food and Applesnax fruit that is all natural no sugar added that I feed baby. The Applesnax are 4 for $0.99!

4. Mylar and latex balloons. Some stores have both and some have one of the two. Also some charge $0.49 to add helium but you can still get 10 Mylar balloons for $15! I use them at all parties

5. Sand toys for the beach and park

6. Flash Cards with Disney and Barbie Characters to teach kids colors, shapes and words

7. Puzzles

8. Anything you would want to put into your kids birthday goody bags with their favorite characters on them (bouncy balls, pens, rings, tops, erasers)

9. Shaving cream that toddlers can use as paint in the bath tub

10. Disney stickers

11. Bathtub Books

12. Ice for boo boos shaped like Disney Characters

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